5 ecological tips to maintain leather

Hugues Chevalier gives great importance to leather in every collection. Adopting Art Deco also means knowing how to maintain this essential material for a 1930s style. Here are our tips for a maintenance that respects the planet.


  1. Use Marseille soap


Dust your armchair with a rag. Spread the Marseille soap over a wet glove. Rub in circular movement, then use a glove with only water to rinse off.


  1. Cleansing cream


Apply makeup remover on cotton, then rub the surface of your sofa. Finish with a moisturizer to restore the glossy aspect.


  1. The clay stone


We recommend it to clean dirty leather. It is applied with a damp sponge and acts as a efficient cleanser on tough stains.


  1. Glycerin


Perfect for furniture with fragile or distressed leather. It can be replaced by a saddle soap with glycerin for large surfaces such as bed headboards.


  1. Talc for color


The colored leathers of your chairs or your office surfaces require special maintenance. Put talcum powder on a cloth and rub gently. Then remove the excess with another clean cloth.


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