Bronze: an excellent decoration choice

Bronze is an indispensable element in art deco and a source of inspiration for a lot of great furniture designers.


It is very much appreciated for its warm and pleasant color. Its reputation has been restored and is now more and more visible in various decorative objects.

This is exactly why Hugues Chevalier chose to use bronze for the bases of its sofas, desks and accessories. Sometimes as an ornament to its sideboards and coffee tables, other times as the main material, such as the Haussmann lamp.



Bronze has become an excellent choice for different reasons:


  • The preservation of the environment


Architects are more and more concerned about the health of their clients and their impact on the environment. The use of bronze has the advantage of not disrupting the biological balance thanks to its abundance in nature. It is also good for humans health.


  • Its refined touch


Its restful and meditative color gives a sophisticated appearance to your interior, whether it comes as a subtle touch like on the Amélie chair or as the main material like on the Princeton console.




  • Its modern look


Bronze can bring a real twist of modernity to Nordic architectures. As a noble material, it counterbalances the natural elements like wood, thanks to its visually strong character.


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