Our decoration tips to be more seductive

Valentine’s Day is approaching. It’s time for you to (re)conquer the heart of your loved one. Hugues Chevalier is happy to put his expertise in decoration in some advice to make your evening a real success.


  • Prepare a refined and intimate table

Dinner time is crucial, bring in more intimacy and set the stage for a dinner that brings you closer. It is better to go for a wooden dining table like Tamara which will give a warmer atmosphere to your evening.

  • Choose carefully your lightings

It’s no secret that the intensity of the light will have an effect on the mood of your evening. Be sure to choose lights that will allow you to bring a cozy vibe, such as the Haussmann lamp or the Paris chandelier. 

  • A good sofa is the secret of an intimate atmosphere

A comfortable living room is almost as important as a pleasant bedroom. It’s this place where the discussion can guide you towards more privacy thanks to a sofa that “cuddles you”. For this, we would recommend the Lauric sofa or the Flowery meridienne.

  • A comfortable bed is essential for a romantic night

There is no need to explain it, the bed is the most important piece of furniture, so you have to choose it very carefully. The Paris bed will envelop you in its Romance thanks to its design inspired by the city of love.