Because each customer, each place is unique, Hugues Chevalier offers many models of custom contemporary furniture. Modular sofas, upholstered in fabrics or leather, colors and wood finishes… multiple combinations of original furniture service.

To meet the expectations and desires of its customers, Hugues Chevalier offers to customize a wide selection of contemporary furniture. Color of the leather, wood finishes, choice of metals and fabrics… All materials for unique furniture.

Original creations for an interior to your image.

For over 40 years,Hugues Chevalier ensures to satisfy the highest demands. First, by creating high-end furniture, some of which, as Dominique sofa, have become icons of the French design. 

By drawing its inspiration from the tradition of the 1930 designers, Hugues Chevalier continues today to innovate by extending its range of decorative objects (carpets, lightings, mirrors…) and tailor-made objects.

Designing an interior to your image, unique, luxurious and comfortable… such is Hugues Chevalier’s view of French interiors.

Exquisite materials selected with care.

Luxury is in every detail, those that make an object unique. The seams of a bag, quality of the varnish on a table or the color of a full grain leather sofa.

Since its creation, Hugues Chevalier favors rare and authentic materials. Each is carefully chosen and can be decline as you want in order to create a unique piece of furniture.

35 colors of full grain leather, exclusive heavy fabrics, several tints and finishes for the sycamore (inlaid stained or lacquered) or precious metals such as bronze, polished brass or chrome steel… Many noble materials to create exquisite furniture that will enhance any interior.

You would like to create a customized piece of furniture ? Please contact one of our advisors.