New openings

Hugues Chevalier carries far its French expertise and aesthetics. After London, Berlin, Brussels, Geneva, Miami, Chicago, Moscow, Hong Kong, China, Lebanon, Dubai, Hugues Chevalier is, from this year, in Vancouver and Dakar. Soon, the inspiration Hugues Chevalier will be in Singapore, Shanghai and New York.


Introducing the Haussmann collection

The Haussmann collection* brings new trends to the Hugues Chevalier line of products. Boldness signs each Haussmann model: rich details , introduction of the purity of marble ... The high crafted execution linked to the requirements of a subtle aesthetic , bring a sleek modernity to serve the most elegant interiors . *Design Studio Telemaco


Introducing the Paris collection

Hugues Chevalier entrusts the design of a luxurious and elegant collection with an evocative name to Studio Telemaco, Paris collection. For the first time, metal, with bronze or chrome finish, brings modernity to the models. Presented at the prestigious Milan Fair, Paris collection is acclaimed by an international clientele who shares the taste for tradition and French refinement.


Launch of the Rondo collection

Hubert Taïeb, creator of group BC Bertrand, signs its first Hugues Chevalier creations, the Rondo collection. The softly curvaceous, the generous proportions and that aristocratic feel of precious wood are creating an intense and elegant atmosphere. Rondo is already a cult model.


Hugues Chevalier joined the group BC Bertrand

Hugues Chevalier joined the group BC Bertrand, who for more than 50 years, brings it to its highest level and serves a prestigious international clientele. All the creations are manufactured by the artisans – cabinet makers, glazers upholsterers – of the group whose work witnesses the high quality and skill of the profession in the great tradition of luxury furniture.



Hugues Chevalier supports international projects such as the decoration of the Buddha Bar hotel in Prague, and wanted to bring an Art Deco signature to its interior and to offer a French luxury touch to its clientele.


New products

Montreux, Trio, Julia, or Boston… Elegant coffee tables and dining rooms, buffet tables with pure lines or television units, Amine Fallat’s creations play with soft lines, synonymous with high-end elegance.



Hugues Chevalier’s art de vivre is prized by the lovers of the French elegance. Cartier chose Hugues Chevalier to decorate its headquarters in Paris. It has been completely designed by Hugues Chevalier’s engineering office and each piece is tailor-made in its workshops.


New designers

To fulfill the tradition, Hugues Chevalier calls on talented designers. Ying, Wave and Edra models, designed by Chafik Gasmi, participate in harmonizing an elegant and refined collection, a classic winner for high-end contemporary interiors.


Development of the brand

Hugues Chevalier extends its collection. Key Largo, Liberty, Megève and Pullman models, are elevated to the level of icons, pay tribute to the pure tradition of French elegance and offer a subtle work of materials: precious wood, luxurious leather and rich details.


Presentation of the Dominique sofa

Dominique sofa is presented for the first time. As a cult model in true Hugues Chevalier style, the Dominique gives a new twist on art deco from the 1930s, with a true creative flair.


Establishment of the company HUGUES CHEVALIER

Mr. Hugues Chevalier created his signature collection, contemporary sofas inspired by the Art Déco style. Hugues Chevalier joined the designers of contemporary high-end furniture and marked the 80s by his aesthetic bias, going against the trend.

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