Our interview with Reda Amalou

Hugues Chevalier exclusively revealed its Saint-Germain collection at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2019. This collection was created in collaboration with the artist Réda Amalou, who brought a new spirit to the design of our creations. Sofas, coffee tables  and offices… he explains his method and his inspirations in the creation of every furniture.

His inspirations:

“My inspirations come from the world of decoration, because that is what defines Hugues Chevalier. They also come from my travels and my contact with different cultures. To integrate this into the brand’s creations, I studied its previous collections, for a different arrangement that respects the vision of the House. ”

His creative process:

“I tried to understand the particularities of the iconic pieces to develop from this a collection that respects the essence of the brand.”

Why Hugues Chevalier?

“Hugues Chevalier holds a special place in the furniture industry. Imagining a collection for this brand was a motivating challenge, as it required understanding of the brand’s codes and DNA. “