Art Deco furniture as an inspiration.

When, in 1978, Hugues Chevalier created his first contemporary sofa models, he chose to be inspired and to revisit the Art Deco style. An aesthetic bias going against the trend of that time which quickly earned him recognition as one of the best designers of 

high-end contemporary furniture.

Luxurious leather, precious wood, rich details, emphasis on confort and expertise of the best craftsmen… Hugues Chevalier pays tribute to the 1930 designers and designs each piece as unique.

High-end contemporary furniture in the pure “French tradition”.

To this day, Hugues Chevalier continues to perpetuate the tradition. Charleston and Dominique sofas, inspired from the Art Deco furniture and elevated to the level of icons, are still flagship models of the brand, just like the classic Club armchair. But to fulfill the tradition, Hugues Chevalier chose to extend its range and offers new furniture and objects of high-end contemporary furniture, work of talented designers. Coffee tables and refined buffet tables, fashionable desks but also furniture for contemporary bedrooms and end tables adapted to new uses. Through its renewed collections, Hugues Chevalier combines tradition and modernity and assumes a certain lifestyle.

Tailor-made furniture for interior design projects.

To satisfy all French luxury lovers, Hugues Chevalier designs and manufactures all of its furniture on demand. For lovers of high-end contemporary exclusive, its workshops realize tailor-made pieces. Its in-house design department, specialized in interior design, supports each of its clients worldwide in the design and implementation of projects (hotels, corporate offices, embassies, architectural offices…)

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