Summer decoration

Summer is fast approaching, inviting a taste of freedom to invade our minds. A great period is ahead, with all of its good resolutions.

If your decoration is one of them, it might be time to put on some summer colors.

Hugues Chevalier gives you his advice to be at the forefront of the trend this summer.


Back to natural

Adopt natural materials such as leather or wood. For this, we recommend the Madison sofa (Image of the illustration), the Messine coffee table or the Fleurus armchair.




Bright and fresh colors

Bring life to your home while opting for a touch of freshness.

The shades of white, beige and blue are perfect for summer temperatures. They also give a refined spirit in all seasons, like the Hadrien salon here.

Yellow, green or red? Dare more color! Hugues Chevalier personalizes his creations according to your desires.



Don’t forget the telework

Telecommuting is certainly not ending. So think about adopting a practical and minimalist desk to bring some lightness. Simple and modern, the Conti desk is perfect, with its metal support and its top in varnished wood.