The codes of art deco: What material and what colors to prefer

Art Deco is the first architectural style to impose itself worldwide.

Having been born between the 2 world wars, it reached its peak in 1925, at the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris, from which it takes its name.



Its influence will return to the taste of the day, inspiring the greatest designers and furniture creators like Hugues Chevalier.

Its cradle remains in the heart of the French capital, where our company is based, taking to heart its role to perpetuate its codes at the international level.

Voici les bases de ce style, traduites dans nos créations allant des canapés aux bureaux en passant par les luminaires.


The noble materials

Choose an all-velvet living room like the Patrick range.

Or choose bronze accessories like our Paris chandelier or the lamp Haussmann.

Finally, for a guaranteed 30’s effect, add marbled touches, in your dining room for example, like with the table Haussmann.


The colors

The colors of choice are still midnight blue, fir green, powder pink, or burgundy (color of the leather with the Club chair here).

Finally, the main thing is to have fun, feel free to change colors and materials, our experts will be there to help you stay true to this now timeless style.


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