The origin of the sofa

The first armchairs, ancestors of the current sofas, have appeared from the 18th century.

At this time, the sofas were sober and had a wooden structure with a coating in leather, fabric and very luxurious tapestry. It is the famous Louis XIII style.

Then, it has been gradually replaced by the Louis XIV-style sofas, that were so rigid and stark, that we could only sit on them for a few minutes.

Then, Louis XV sofas have acquired curved shapes to adapt to the morphology of the back. These comfortable sofas are less bulky and lighter than their ancestors.

The beginning of the 20th century brought sofas with more wavy shapes, before witnessing the arrival of the “Living room” imported from the United States in 1950.

This concept will become the model of the current era, on which rely the Maison Hugues Chevalier and many others to create their coffee tables, their bookcases, their sideboards and their consoles… in short, everything that makes it possible to decorate your space to make it pleasant and practical, always around the sofa which stands majestically in the center of your decoration.

We can find it today in different shapes: corner sofas, fixed, modular, classic, contemporary or modern style, in leather or fabric.