The wooden furniture

Art Deco is characterized by its symmetrical side, its geometric lines, the variety of materials and many ornaments. This style uses noble materials such as wood in furniture. It constitutes a major part of our creations, made to decorate your rooms, your living rooms or even your offices.


Furniture designed in wood allows easy maintenance, but also recognizing the age of the piece based on the condition of this authentic and timeless material.


Many people hesitate while choosing wood, so here are some information to choose it well.


  • Oak for a timeless decoration

It gives character thanks to its discreet but visible veining. You will find it on corner sofas like the Hadrien or on armchairs like the structure of the Pullman.

  • Beech is ideal for adopting a light shade decoration

More suitable for decorations in light and bright tones. Like the Jacob buffet, that is a wonderful mix of wood and marble.

  • Sycamore: representing refinement at its best

It often forms the armrests of our sofas like the New Dom.